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Youth-Led Projects

Youth Empower Youth is proud of its work which encourages youth to lead projects and take action in their community. See some of the amazing work that Regent Park youth have done in their community below.

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Research Findings

YEY youth staff created a survey which was completed by over 180 youth in RP. From this survey, they explored further by conducting focus groups in the community to identify and capture the youth's voice.

Safe Spaces Findings

A survey was completed by youth who accessed the safe spaces project and provided feedback on the program.

RP Safe Spaces Pilot Project.png

Women's Self Defence Class

Last year YEY was able to partner with Toronto Kiwanis BCG and the Ontario Taekwondo Federation to bring a taekwondo program free of cost to youth. 

Train Your Brain

Our research project in Regent Park found that youth wanted more mental health programs. Our youth staff decided to take action by creating a workshop for you in the community that was entirely facilitated by youth and focused on mental health.

Train your brain.jpg

Youth Safe Spaces

YEY partnered with the SEEN collaborative in Regent Park and many other Youth Workers from the community to engage youth through a drop-in informal program. Youth were able to have some food, play games and connect with community members and Youth Workers.

Train Your Brain 2

YEY partnered with the Regent Park Safety Network to build on our previous Train Your Brain Workshop. This year we had over 30 youth attend and were able to provide mental wellness bags to youth post-event.

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